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A New Era of Elegance: Adrian & Meyer's Website Launch

Rolf Adrian and his wife Oda
Rolf Adrian and his wife Oda

A Legacy of Distinction

Founded in 1906 by W. Meyer, our humble beginnings on the bustling streets of Windhoek have evolved significantly through the decades, driven by a continuous passion for beautiful traditional and contemporary jewellery craftsmanship. 

Today, guided by Rolf Adrian, a master goldsmith and diamond grader, Adrian & Meyer continues to shine in the jewellery world, combining age-old excellence with a fresh approach to modern tastes and styles.

As we launch our new website, we proudly transition into an exciting future while holding to the family values and artisanal quality that have shaped our storied past.

Crafting Unforgettable Moments

Our passion is not just about crafting jewellery but creating beautiful memories. Each piece is designed to celebrate and immortalise your most precious moments.

Artisanal Excellence

At the heart of our renown lies our passion for:

  • Diamond Mastery: Our gems are selected for their brilliance and crafted into stunning pieces that capture the light and the eye.

  • Namibian Gemstones: We source the finest gemstones from the heart of Namibia, ensuring each piece tells a story of beauty and rarity.

  • Swiss Precision: Our collection of Swiss watches is curated for those who seek precision and elegance.

  • Bespoke Jewellery: Each piece of custom jewellery is created with a personal touch, tailored to the individual desires of our clients.

Step into a legacy over a century old, where tradition meets modern elegance!
Step into a legacy over a century old, where tradition meets modern elegance!

Artistry in Every Detail

As each design moves from paper to production, our skilled artisans use both traditional techniques and modern technology to transform raw materials into the elegant pieces that Adrian & Meyer is known for. 

Alongside crafting new masterpieces, we also provide specialized jewellery repair services. From restoring vintage heirlooms to modern stone resets, our dedication ensures your jewellery maintains its beauty and functionality for years to come.


Our diamond collection features stones that are expertly cut to maximize brilliance and character, ensuring that each diamond shines with unmatched clarity and radiance.


Tanzanite's unique blue-violet hues are carefully enhanced through precise cutting techniques, showcasing the gem's deep colour and striking presence.

Namibian Gemstones

From the rugged landscapes of Namibia, we bring gemstones that boast vibrant colours and natural patterns, each selected for its distinct qualities and intrinsic beauty.

Men's Bands

Our men’s bands combine robust design with refined elegance, tailored to match the modern man’s taste and lifestyle, embodying strength and style in every piece.

Engagement Rings

Our engagement rings showcase timeless elegance with each piece, featuring meticulously selected diamonds and gemstones set in designs that capture the essence of enduring love.

A New Digital Experience

This year, we’re particularly excited to present our collections on our sleek, redesigned website. The new site embodies our love of beauty, a keen sense of trends, the joy of innovation, and the mastery of techniques.

Are you ready to explore? Visit our new website and peruse our rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, custom jewellery design options, and repair services at your leisure. 

Let us ignite your curiosity and enrich your jewellery experience!

se page through our new website and bespoke collection at your leisure!

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