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Services & Repairs

Want to restore the sparkle of an elegant heirloom? Our master craftsmen continue to tell the story of your loved ones, beautifully and authentically. We skillfully restore, remodel, and repurpose stones to refresh beloved jewelry while preserving their unique character.

We offer an extensive repair service for all major watch brands. Our Watchmaker Atelier, expert technicians, we’re able to offer very competitive prices and a much quicker turnaround than the major watch houses.


Our jewellery, designed and made on-site, is crafted by skilled local artisans with the finest stones personally selected by Mr. Adrian himself and serviced by an expert team. Our services include:

Jewellery manufacturing and repair studio

Watch repair studio

Diamond and coloured gemstone verification

Maintenance on pearl jewellery

Appraisals and valuations for insurance and estates

Gifts for anniversaries and corporates

Small series production


The technicians in our workshop control calibrate, adjust, test, repair, restore, maintain, renovate and overhaul. We take care that your favourite watch will continue to serve you reliably:

Battery exchange

Waterproof testing


Refurbishment of cases and metal bracelets

Watch spectrum

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