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Inspired by arctic beauty, Bering believes in elegant Danish design, straight and clear shapes, and durable materials. Each Bering watch exemplifies minimalistic, clean aesthetics combined with the strength required to withstand the extremes of nature.



Explore minimalist Danish-designed women's wristwatches inspired by the Arctic's beauty. Featuring clear shapes and elegant simplicity, BERING watches are crafted from durable, high-quality materials. Made of robust stainless steel (316L), they boast finely brushed or polished metal finishes. BERING stands out by using scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, a rarity in this price range. Popular collections include CLASSIC, CERAMIC, and SOLAR. Some models come in gift sets with matching BERING jewelry.



BERING men's wristwatches embody a sleek Danish style inspired by the Arctic's allure. With minimalist designs and premium materials like stainless steel (316L), high-tech ceramic, or lightweight titanium, these timepieces exude quality. Hard, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the stylish dials. Choose from precise automatic, radio-controlled, or quartz movements, with some models featuring solar energy cells. Available with Milanese, link, or calfskin bracelets, popular collections include CLASSIC, SOLAR, and TITANIUM. BERING offers a three-year international guarantee on its men's wristwatches.

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